Soda Stereo
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Rock and roll raises awareness, inspires and motivates people to act, and is a driving force for progress and unity throughout our planet. Rock has positively influenced the course of history by promoting social justice, human rights, equality, diversity, inclusion and progress for all. This puts it above other cultural manifestations, so it would be inconsistent to exclude an artist from the historical memory preserved and honored by its highest institution, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, just for singing in Spanish.

Eligible since 2010, Soda Stereo is the most relevant band in Ibero-America. Now fans from 60 countries and every continent are coming together, to kindly request the Nominating and Voting Committees of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, to open the door to rock en Español and induct our most iconic band. Please help us honor their legacy and preserve their history, which is an important part of the personal history of their millions of fans.