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Rock and Roll awakens consciences, inspires and positively motivates crowds, and continues to be a fundamental factor of progress and social unity throughout our planet.

With its freedom spirit, Rock has positively changed the course of human history by promoting social justice, human rights, equality, diversity, inclusion, and progress for all. This places it above other cultural manifestations, so it would be inconsistent to exclude an artist from being part of the historical memory recorded and honored by its highest venue globally, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, just for singing it in Spanish, or in any language other than English.

Soda Stereo is the most influential rock band in Iberoamerica. Now fans around the world are coming together to respectfully ask the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to open the door to Rock en Español and induct our most respected band.





September 4, 2014: the day THE music became eternal

Gustavo Cerati

With the irreparable and sad loss of Gustavo Cerati in 2014, Soda Stereo's active years have come to an end, but their successful story is still far from over. New generations are discovering their legacy and enjoying the creative ways in which they reinvented themselves to continue innovating and growing throughout their career; Soda's music is as current today as it was in the eighties and nineties.

Their induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would be the ultimate finishing touch to put a happy and memorable ending to an amazing story that has touched many hearts, and that will continue to amaze and inspire for many decades to come, millions of lives in many countries of our planet, including the United States.


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Soda Stereo Rock Hall
Rompan Todo Netflix

Netflix's Break it All, features Soda Stereo and Gustavo Cerati in episodes 3, 4, and 6.


Their unconscious presence is found throughout the documentary.

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Soda Stereo

a Phrase shot into the wind

By Miguel Galvez,

Campaign Creator and Coordinator.

The written and video material presented on this page is original content exclusively generated by our campaign. Some videos have been courtesy of our friends at Lenguaje Rock TV, who have kindly shared excerpts of their work with us, and which we use with the corresponding credit and thanks.  

Our campaign is the product of long hours of work and efforts in contacting, convincing, and getting the important public endorsement videos in support of Soda Stereo's induction to the Rockhall by artists, journalists, and other personalities.  There is also an intense work of video editing, translation, strategic planning and implementation, and signature promotion for our online petition, performed by a team of highly motivated people in several cities in the United States and Latin America.

A huge recognition goes to Gigi Ordoñez, Elo Gomez, Andres Ospina Sandoval, Ulises Martinez, and Donald Rogers, who make up the base team of this effort. We can't miss mentioning the fundamental help of Angelica Villagomez, Chela Lora, Valeria Agis, Angelica Salamanca, Gaby Tabatha, Claudia Corona, Yuli Badilla, Alejandra Vilchez, Noe Blunt, Berenice Hernandez, Camila Cifuentes, Lily Margarita, Chelys Lopez, Carlos Alomar, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Alejandro Marin, Gabriel Hernández, Laffite Benitez, Javier Andrade, Adrian Sosa, Piro Pendas, Jaime Godoy, Jaime Lopez, Jose Luis Gonzalez, David Fernando Ruiz, Dani Schmidt, Juanjo Raffin, Alejandro Diez, Allan Kelly Marquez, Flaco Stereo, Ulises Ortiz, Jorge Ortiz, Oscar Leon, Juan Mendoza, Gustavo Piglia, Arturo Bojorquez, Abner Fernandez, Christian Dreger, Ivan Jimenez, Jorge Flores, John Hiller, Fabián Treviño, and Future Rock Legends. 

Working respectfully and ethically, always with a positive attitude, we have managed to advance to levels that seemed impossible when we launched this initiative on September 1, 2020. 


This is not the individual endeavor of a person, but of a great human team and many people around us. We share the result of our joined efforts here, in our website, the core platform to promote the induction of Soda Stereo to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We also want to leave a historical testimony of this campaign, that as fans we carry out for Soda Stereo, which in some way shows the impact and passion they imprinted with their music and lyrics. 

From the beginning we shot a phrase into the wind and we have sought to unite the Soda universe around an unusual but very fair idea. Putting the spotlight at all times where it should be: In the legacy and unquestionable contribution of Soda Stereo to the evolution and growth of rock, and the entire music scene, in Iberoamerica. 


If Soda Stereo is inducted to the Rockhall, and we are confident that eventually is going to happen, it will be because they deserve it, and because the Nominating and Voting Committes of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame decides to take a grounbreaking step in recognizing an amazing band coming from an extensive geographical area, Latin America, that although culturally powerful and beautiful, sadly and unfairly has been historically misunderstood and discriminated in the general global context. As a campaign, we merely and humbly propose to see the world in a grain of sand.  

The masive and global reach of our campaign would have not been possible without the support of the thousands of people signing and sharing our petition around the planet, or without the blessing of many "Electric Angels" that we have encountered along the way, and that in many ways impel us to soldier on and keep working for Soda Stereo, for Rock in Spanish, and for Iberoamerica.  

Total Thanks to all, and in a very special way to...

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